The Wandering Misfits

Hometown History


Cyrodiil is the capitol city of the continent Arelia and home to the majority of our Wandering Misfits. The city has proven its capability to withstand assaults on multiple occasions due to its location on an island in the center lake of Arelia. The city is well known for its trade goods and is one of the larges cities in all of the seven realms. A unique feature of the city is a large statue of the Ancient gold dragon Greksh which, according to lore, rose the island out of the lake as a token of thanks to the defenders of Arelia and the founders of Cyrodiil.

The most unusual but effective Law in Cyrodiil is a requirement placed on its people that, in order to be a land owner, you must first make a name for yourself by performing deeds worthy of recognition throughout the lands. If one should take the councils offer, they are given a ring and not permitted to return to the city until they have performed a deed worthy of re-admittance. This ring is bound to each persons life force and allows the city to recall its adventurers home in times of great need.


Fignastie Fignastie

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